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ContentCard has one major concern: offering retail simple and wide-ranging access to the growing market for digital products, giving retail the competitive edge needed to exist alongside the internet. This was the vision behind ContentCard being started up in 2004.

As part of the Brodos Group, with currently more than 350 employees and annual turnover of more than 200 million euros, ContentCard Verlags GmbH enjoyed above average growth since it was founded, leading to the company changing its legal form and becoming ContentCard AG in 2012. In order to keep up with the rapid growth of the market for digital products, both nationally and internationally, ContentCard AG furthered its international focus by opening ContentCard System Centres in Russia, Poland, Turkey, China, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico and sales offices in Dusseldorf, Berlin and Manchester (UK).

ContentCard - what can we do for you?

ContentCard is the clever packaging of digital products. We concentrate on selling our content partners’ products successfully in retail, allowing our retail partners to be successful with digital products - no matter whether in the form of PIN-print products or as ContentCards which are activated at the checkout.

From a technological point of view, ContentCard is currently the only provider which understands how to display the world of digital products in such a way that end customers view retail as a serious alternative to the internet thanks to POSA cards, the ContentKiosk and the MiniKiosk.

In order to make this possible, we take care of everything - from card production, centralised or decentralised distribution and merchandising to category and inventory management, reporting, accounts, integration of POS systems etc. - always in close consultation with all parties involved.

ContentCard has made a name for itself as a partner to the industry, making it possible for digital products to be distributed in retail as well. Now there is no need to do without the tried and tested distribution and sales channels.

For distributors, ContentCard acts as a technical service provider, providing the technical prerequisites and - where necessary - the products. Distributors can provide brick and mortar retailers with all the products customers want, even in the age of the internet - without having to make any upfront investments.

For retailers, ContentCard offers an opportunity to share in turnover which has until now passed retail by, whilst also allowing new products or product groups to be tried out without any risk. In addition, ContentCard offers retailers the possibility to face up to the competition of the internet and to win new customers or customer groups thanks to offers which are always right up to date and a comprehensive range of products.

Thanks to our large, international distribution centre and warehouse in Baiersdorf, great IT support, our international IT and development team, a multinational sales team, as well as our own media design and rackjobbing teams, we are in the perfect position to assist our partners in reaching their objectives.

ContentCard - the clever packaging of digital products.