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Merchandising & training

Never have empty hooks again thanks to merchandising

Merchandising allows products to be displayed as well as possible at the POS and sold or lost products to be replenished. On enquiry the ContentCard© merchandising team helps both retailers and content providers to boost sales and display goods as well as possible.

Your advantages as a retailer or manufacturer

  • Optimal display of goods
  • Optimal sales support
  • Dedicated point of contact for POS
  • Boosting sales


Training & promotion

ContentCard© is there to help you personally with training and promotions, online, offline and directly in store, aimed at passing on all the knowledge you need about the products on offer. The focus is very much on tailoring the training to suit the sales staff and providing the information accordingly.

Your advantages as a retailer or manufacturer

  • Increased sales by training sales staff
  • Improved customer shopping experience as sales staff have a very high standard of knowledge and customers appreciate their product expertise
  • Dedicated staff focused on the products offered by the content providers.