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Cash register integration

The decision as to whether integration should be implemented via ContentCard©’s own https or ISO8583 interface or via those belonging to your existing systems is made together with our IT experts. We accompany you throughout the whole integration and testing process to ensure that integration can be implemented efficiently, quickly and securely. Once integration has been completed successfully, there is no need for any further POS or product systems.

Your advantages:

  • Quick, secure and high-performance connection
  • Integrate once - access to over 4,000 products


ContentCard© has more than eight years experience in processing and ERP. Our technical partners are an interface between sales and IT, both internally and externally. We also offer our partners a technical hotline which provides quick, expert and straightforward help in all technical matters.

Integration possibilities

Existing integration
ContentCard© offers retailers a wide range of integration possibilities. We can offer you various solutions depending on your existing infrastructure.
  • Individual connection
  • Incorporating existing infrastructures
  • Tailored to your requirements

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Our IT support assists you with integration into your existing POS or product systems.

  • Quick, secure and high-performance connection
  • One-off integration - access to over 4,000 products and over 50,000 points of sale in more than 10 countries

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