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FAQ for end customers


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  • What is the ContentCard© code?

The ContentCard© code is a unique, 16-digit identification number. You need this in order to confirm the purchase on the internet and then activate the purchased product online. Depending on which form the digital product was purchased in, this code may also be called a top-up number.

  • How can I use the ContentCard© code or what do I need to do?

If you have purchased a card, the ContentCard© code is either on or in the card. If you have received a print-out, the code is on this print-out. There you will also find the instructions for further steps to activate the product you have purchased.

  • How can I find the ContentCard© code?

The 16 digit ContentCard© code for activating your product is on the slip inserted in the packaging of your card. If you have received a print-out rather than a card, the code is on this print-out.

If you still need any further help, please feel free to contact our support

  • How can I redeem the ContentCard© code?

Upon purchase you either receive a card which gives instructions on how it should be redeemed or a print-out giving a brief description of the procedure to be followed. Please follow the instructions on the receipt or the ContentCard© packaging. If you cannot find any instructions on how to activate the card, please contact oursupport.

  • I have not received a ContentCard© code.

If this is the case, please contact the POS where you purchased the ContentCard©.

  • The ContentCard© code does not work.

Please read the redemption instructions included with the product or on the receipt again and ensure that you have followed all steps correctly. If the ContentCard© code or the top-up number still doesn’t work properly, please send an email to our support team at support@contentcard.com giving the product name, serial number, ContentCard© code or top-up number and any error message.

  • I have received the message that my ContentCard© code is inactive!

Activation must be carried out correctly by the retailer from whom you have purchased the product. If you receive the error message that the code is inactive, please contact the POS in order to have the product activated correctly.

  • My ContentCard® code is incorrect, what should I do?

If the code is incorrect, please send an email to our support team at support@contentcard.com. In order to solve your problem, our support team needs a description of the error message, the product name, the serial number and the ContentCard© code or top-up number so that they can check for any possible errors. In order to process your request, the support team also requires the receipt either as a photo or scanned file.

  • My ContentCard© code has already been used!

If you receive this message, please send an email to our support team at support@contentcard.com. In order for our support team to process and check the problem, they need the name of the product, the serial number and the ContentCard© code or top-up number as well as a copy of the receipt for the product.

  • I cannot redeem the ContentCard® code on the website.

Please first check if your browser is up to date. Check if the problem still arises if you use another browser. If the problem still occurs, please contact our Support.

  • I lost the ContentCard® code before it was activated.

If you have lost your ContentCard© code, please send an email to our support team at support@contentcard.com. In order to deal with a question of this nature, the team needs the product name, the serial number and a photo or scan of the purchase receipt.

  • I lost my ContentCard® or the receipt with the top-up number after it was activated by the retailer. Can the card be blocked?

As long as the top-up code printed on either the card or the receipt has not yet been used, it may still be able to be blocked by the POS. Please contact your POS.

  • Can I return or exchange the ContentCard®?

That depends on the POS. Please ask at your POS and be prepared to show the card and the receipt.